Consultancy for Design, Engineering, Certification, Production and Logistics.


ConSEgg provides contributional support to Automotive and Defence Organisations which are involved in the development and production of complex and critical Products.

In the meantime, the quality and reliability expectations for Products are very high and the fulfillments regarding time and costs require lean processes and stringent management capabilities.

With the experiences of 39 years in the Civil and Military Industry ConSEgg can provide a brought range of consultancy services for the best benefit to a client.

The ConSEgg consultancy strategy is: "Add value to the Customer with technical and commercial solutions combined with defined deliveries as a contribution to the business success".

ConSEgg can assess your business situation, listen to your needs and whishes, but finally ConSEgg will provide suggestions and technology based on its wide range of experiences, explaining the PROS and CONS and provides active contributions to improve your activities.

ConSEgg can also provide and delivere a wide range of dedicated deliveries like Project Plans, Specifications, Analyses, Procedures, Reports, etc. based on your requests.







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