Consultancy for Design, Engineering, Certification, Production and Logistics.


ConSEgg provides contributional suppoprt to all kind of System and Equipment Companies which are involved in the development and production of complex and critical products.

In the meantime, the quality and reliability requirements for commercial products are often higher as they had been for military assemblies in the past and the market expectations regarding time and costs are more and more difficult to achieve.

With the experiences over more than 35 years in the civil and military industry ConSEgg can provide a brought range of consultancy services for the best benefit to a client.

ConSEgg has the advantage to be fully independant and is not profit oriented. Our consultancy strategy is: "Add value to the Customer with technical and commercial solutions and with defined deliveries as a contribution to the success of the business". ConSEgg provides pro-active consultancy services performed by experienced experts and freelancers irrespective from any commercial dependencies.

ConSEgg can assess your business situation, listen to your needs and whishes, but finally ConSEgg will provide suggestions based on its wide range of experiences, explains the Pros and Cons and provides active contributions to support your activities. If needed, ConSEgg will clearly express what has to be changed and what the consequences are, independant if the client is delighted to hear it.

ConSEgg can also provide and delivere a wide range of different deliveries like Project Plans, Specifications, Analyses, Procedures, Reports, etc. based on your requests.

If you are ready and able to benefit from a wide range of expertise, collected in more than 35 years of Engineering and Management, ConSEgg will be your partner.


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For starting ConSEgg offers a free Familiarization Woprkshop at your facilities. Details are described under "SERVICES" and "WORKSHOPS"











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